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Course Code: CRS-Q-0027238-MF
Course Code: CRS-Q-0027238-MF
Competency Standard code: MF-COM-306E-1
Funding Validity Period: 27 Aug 2012 - 30 Apr 2022

Course Duration: 32 hours, including 3 hours of assessment
Mode of Assessment: Written & Practical

Pre Requisite: Valid Rigger & Signalman License or Certificate
This 4-day WSQ-Supervise Safe Lifting Operation (Lifting Supervisor) course is tailored towards supervisors who are currently engaging in lifting operations. In a workplace environment, lifting supervisors play an important key role in ensuring that all of the ongoing lifting operations are well within control, without sacrificing or abandoning safety.

As the head and the leader of the team, the individual taking the task will be more than just being in charge of lifting. The lifting supervisor has to make sure that all of the lifting activities are carried out all according to the lifting schedule.

To aid individuals out, this theory course has an additional practical component, in which the lifting supervisor would be expected to oversee and supervise both abnormal and normal conditions by the act of role-playing and simulations. If you are looking to upgrade yourself and become a lifting supervisor, then the course is mandatory for you to take. The course itself will be conducted in both English and Mandarin. 

Target Audience:
The WSQ-based Supervise Safe Lifting Operation Course is recommended for budding and accomplished individuals that are looking to upgrade themselves to becoming a Lifting Supervisor at their workplace. As the course is mandatory, one will be able to gain particular insight about the role, responsibilities, as well as the possible situations that might arise. It is to better train and prepare the lifting supervisor for their future responsibilities at the workplace.

Required Knowledge & Skills:

  • Must have completed the WSQ/MOM ATP Rigger and Signalman Tasks course
  • Individual must be at least the age of 18 and above, with the assumed following requisites:
    • Have foundational knowledge and understanding of the relevant work sector in Singapore
    • Able to communicate using English proficiently at a level that is the equivalent of Employability Skills (ES) level 4
    • Able to legibly write and read English proficiently at a level that is the equivalent of ES level 4
    • Able to handle numbers and work around them proficiently at a level that is the equivalent of ES level 4
    • Is physically and mentally fit for the task

With the help of SkillsFuture Funding, you can head on over to or give us a call, at Wong Fong Academy, 68633686, to learn more about how you can apply SkillsFuture Funding for this course.

For Singaporeans that are above the age of 25, SkillsFuture Funding allows you to use your $500 SkillFuture Credit to offset the costs of paying for the course. To learn more, you can head on over to SkillsFuture Credit’s website, and pick from their wide range of approved-skills that are inter-related courses that you can find through the SkillsFuture Credit course directory.

Individuals who have passed and are certified competent for the course will be awarded a photo pass, as well as a Statement of Attainment from SkillsFuture Singapore.