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WSQ-Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan (bizSAFE Level 2)

Course Code: CRS-Q-0025833-MF
Competency Standard code: MF-COM-402E-1
Funding Validity Period: 27 Aug 2012 - 31 Dec 2021

Course Duration: 18 hours, including 2 hours of assessment
Mode of Assessment: Written Assessment

The bizSAFE Level 2 course is designed for Risk Management Champions (RMC) in Singapore that were nominated by their organisations. They play a significant role in ensuring that the health and safety policies of the organisation are put into practice. By attending the course, RMCs can learn how to assist their company in Risk Assessment (RA) and implementation after theyunderstood the requirements needed to design a Risk Management Plan (RMP).

The course will be suitable for those in the following occupations, although the list is not exhaustive:
- Risk Management Champions
- Line Supervisors
- Management
- Team Leaders
- Health and Safety Personnel

Participants are expected to have detailed knowledge of their organisation’s services or products, and practise effective decision-making and problem-solving. They should also be proactive regarding issues like safety hazards and how to manage them. Good presentation skills will be beneficial, as the participant may have to undergo an oral test or join discussions during the course.

During the bizSAFE Level 2 course, participants can learn howto develop an implementable risk management plan that can benefit their organisation. By knowing the necessary tasks that have to be undertaken and how risks can be minimised, participants can devise a more practical and successful plan. The bizSAFE Level 2 course will also provide the participants with valuable suggestions on how to form a risk management team, control and monitor risks, and the appropriate measures to take after they have identified the risks. Throughout the course, learners can practise the risk management skills and knowledge they have gained, ensuring that they have understood what they have learnt.

The course will be conducted in English and will be held over two days, giving the learners sufficient time to learn all the necessary information. As this course is funded, interested participants can visit the SkillsFuture website, or contact us at 68633686 for more details. Once the learners have completed the course and were deemed competent, they will obtain a Statement of Attainment from WDA.

This course is applicable for SkillsFuture Funding. Please go to or call Wong Fong Academy at 68633686 for more information.

If you are a Singaporean aged 25 and above, you can choose to use your $500 SkillsFuture Credit to offset the payment for this course. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website to choose from the wide range of approved skills-related courses available on the SkillsFuture Credit course directory.