Workplace Safety And Health Management System in Singapore
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Workplace Safety And Health Management System in Singapore

Defining Total Workplace Safety and Health 

Total WSH, also known as Total Workplace Safety and Health, is an all-rounded and incorporated approach serving as a management system for health, safety and work. It also greatly encourages the welfare of employees and workers in Singapore. 

Why Should Your Company Utilise Total WSH? 

When it comes to your company’s work surroundings, the health and safety of all workers are connected closely. This means that by improving health and safety at work, you can lower the risk of ill-health and injury. As such, this leads to employees well-being taken care of for a more effective workforce. The opposite is also true: when it comes to ill-health and injury at work, it can significantly reduce work conditions and productivity. For example, Total WSH can greatly aid the employee who is tasked to supervise the construction site. 

How to Begin Your Total WSH Journey? 

Before implementing the management system of Total WSH, it is best to take a look and review your company’s regulations first. If you are not sure, here’s how you can get started: 

  • Reviewing WSH of your employees: look into how often your WSH team or committee reviews the well-being and health of all employees in the company 

  • Updating the WSH policy: evaluate if your company’s WSH policy integrates your employees’ health, safety and well-being 

  • Review safe work procedures and risk assessment: ensure that WSH risk assessments, as well as safe work procedures, are addressed 

  • By developing an intervention programme: seek intervention programmes that are suitable to reduce your employee’s WSH risks 

Total WSH Process  

There are three major processes to Total WSH for companies in Singapore. We seek to aid you when it comes to the implementation of Total WSH through the process below. Here is how the approach goes. 

1. Assessment of Total WSH 

Identification is needed on two levels: company and worker. For example, at a construction site, it can be the workers and the employee who is tasked to supervise. This sifts out any top risks and recommends practical interventions. Here’s what can be done: 

Company Level: WSH Questionnaire and walk-through assessment 

Worker Level: Anonymous Basic Health Survey that is open to all staff 

2. Intervention 

After ensuring that checks are done and compiled, interventions should be implemented after monitoring and evaluation. Here are a few examples your company can utilise: 

Examples: Recommendation of WSH improvements, health screening (pre and post), health coaching sessions, broad-based health promotion activities, ergonomics assessment & intervention sessions 

3. Monitoring & Evaluation 

Once the interventions are in place, you can begin to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your programme. Here’s how: 

Examples: Impact on MC days and healthcare costs, impact on productivity, return on investment 


For more details, please visit Total WSH 

In addition to Consultancy of Total Workplace Safety and Health, we also offer bizSAFE consulting, ISO – Environmental Management System, ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System and more. 

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