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ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety

The ISO 45001 (Migrated from OHSAS18001) is an established international standard that details the requirements needed for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system. It also includes the guidance for its application, enabling organisations to actively improve its OH&S performance with regards to preventing ill-health and injury. ISO 45001 can be integrated into any organisation, and is applicable regardless of the organisation’s type, nature, and size. Having an ISO 45001 certification enables organisations to integrate essential aspects of health and safety, including staff wellbeing/wellness.

The Benefits of ISO 45001

An organisation that has received the ISO 45001 certification by ISO consultants in Singapore are able to improve its Occupational Health and Safety performance with these points:

- Development and implementation of OH&S objectives and policy.
- Establish systematic contextual processes that take into account its opportunities, risks, and legal requirements.
- Enable organisations to determine the OH&S hazards and risks that are associated with its spectrum of activities; aiming to minimise or eliminate their effects with proactive controls.
- Establish operational controls managing OH&S risks among other legal requirements.
- Develop consistent awareness of the OH&S risks. - Evaluate the OH&S performance and undertaking relevant actions to improve upon it.
- Ensure that staff play an active role in enforcing OH&S standards.


An International Standard framework, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification by ISO consultants allows organisations to identify, manage, and reduce the risks that are associated with health and safety in the workplace. Organisations that have implemented the standard are able to send a clear message to their stakeholders that they prioritise the employees’ health and safety in the organisation.

The Benefits of OHSAS18001 Accreditation
- An improvement in corporate credibility and image with stakeholders, customers, regulators, potential clients, and the general public.
- The adoption of internationally recognised risk management.
- Ensuring the health and wellbeing of workers, subsidiaries, and the general public.
- Minimising the liability of employers through adopting proactive controls instead of reactive ones.
- The ability to ensure legislative awareness and all-level compliance within the organisation.
- Improving the investigation process of incidents in an organisation.
- The increase in employee motivation by ensuring a safer participation process and workplace.

Industries That Can Implement OHSAS18001

Implemented by various industries in Singapore, the OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety standard is beneficial for organisations that have chosen to implement it. The benefits are immediate, regardless of the organisation consists of 1 or 1000 workforce. The purpose of this standard is to place focus on workers and ensuring that the best and safest practices are implemented, ensuring reduced risks in the organisation.

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