ISO 45001 (Migrated from OHSAS18001) is the improved management system for occupational health & safety. It is designed to eliminate or minimise health & safety risks in your operations thus protecting your most valuable assets which are your employees from potentially preventable accidents. It would also aid your organization with legal compliance and possible downtime due to safety breaches. An organization committed to health & safety practices will be an organization which people desired to work for.


  •   Demonstrate top management’s commitment towards health & safety to employees
  •   Greatly increase employee’s morale and productivity
  •   Ensure compliance with authorities and reduce potential litigation issues
  •   Enhance corporate branding and image
  •   Eliminate potential downtime and costs arising from an accident
  •   Increased chances to land bigger deals as a safe organization

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In the developing world today, and Singapore being a food hub with millions of tourists visiting, food safety is a key factor that everyone, including the government, is looking into strengthening.

Conducting Hazard Analysis and setting Critical Control Points (HACCP) in your operations is important to eliminate any hazards that may lead to cross contamination or food poisoning.

Having a comprehensive system such as ISO 22000 would boost your customers’ confidence as it blends key elements such as HACCP plans, pre-requisite programmes, system management, interaction communication and continuous improvement to ensure food safety from farm to fork.


  • Protecting your branding which takes years to build up
  • Increase consumers’ confidence in your food products
  • Compliance with local & export legal requirements
  • Continuous improvement to operations thus increase productivity
  • Save money by reducing product waste

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EMS which is recognised around the globe assist corporations in managing environmental impacts within its organization as well as staying legal with local authorities. Every corporation should not just focus on profits but also fulfil their corporate social responsibilities by protecting our planet.


  • Reducing waste, conserve energy and minimising pollution thus cost savings
  • Ensure compliance with authorities and reduce potential litigation issues
  • Increase corporate branding and image
  • Increase chances of getting deals with GREEN clients as an environmentally friendly corporation
  • Systematic way of running day to day operations with environmental considerations
  • Increased morale of staffs and confidence from member of public

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QMS is an internationally recognised management system that provides your potential clients with the confidence that your services and deliverables are of top quality as the procedures in management system are structured in a way that control points are strategically integrated into your operations in order to meet client specifications.


  • Providing confidence to interested parties & increased retention rate of existing customer
  • Increase revenue through operations efficiency & productivity
  • Increase credibility & competitive edge over your competitors
  • Better corporate image and branding

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A five-steps programme that assists companies to build up their WSH capabilities so that they can achieve quantum improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace.

It will ensure your company to be in compliance with WSH (Risk Management) Regulation which applies to all workplaces in Singapore and also competitive edge over your competitors as many large corporations had set bizSAFE level 3 as a minimum requirement for selection of contractors

WSH Penalty
Maximum charges under WSH Act will be $500,000 for body corporations and $200,000 to individuals + 2 years jail term

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Workplace Safety and Health Regulations

The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Risk Management Regulations state that employers, self-employed persons and principals (including contractors and sub-contractors) are responsible for identifying safety hazards at workplaces and taking measures to eliminate or reduce the risks.  Hence, in compliance with the WSH regulations, risk management is mandatory for your businesses.


What is risk management?

Risk management is the process of identifying, evaluating and controlling risks in the workplace. It involves conducting risk assessments of work activities, controlling and monitoring the risks of work activities, and communicating the risks to all exposed person(s).


Risk Assessments

Your workplace should conduct risk assessments for all routine and non-routine operations as it is a key part of risk management.  We can assist you in conducting risk assessments using the risk management plan.



What Is Workplace Safety and Health Awards?

The annual Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Awards recognise organisations and individuals who have contributed to achieving excellence in workplace safety and health.

Beside WSH Awards, what are other benefits of a safe and healthy workplace?

Businesses benefit when they provide employees with a safe and healthy environment. These include:

  • Reduced costs associated with workplace injuries and ill health;
  • Reduced absenteeism and turnover;
  • Improved employee retention due to increased job satisfaction;
  • Higher levels of productivity as a result of improved employee morale; and
  • Improved business reputation among customers and suppliers.

Most workers spend at least one-third of their lives in the workplace, it is important to feel safe and healthy at work. This is where companies should invest in safety and health to protect ourselves and others.

WSH Awards Categories

Presented by WSH Council and supported by the Ministry of Manpower, the WSH Awards 2019 categories include:

  • WSH Performance Awards
  • WSH Developer Awards
  • Safety and Health Award Recognition for Projects (SHARP)
  • WSH Innovation Awards
  • WSH Officer Awards
  • WSH Awards for Supervisors

There are different criteria used as a measurement for each award, such as:

  • Scoring CultureSAFE perception survey index of at least 1.6
  • Complete X Factor checklist
  • Certain man-hours worked without an incident reported

Illustration of how work, safety and health are inter-related

Photo credit: WSH



We customise Workplace Safety & Health and Food Safety services for corporations working on a tight budget to hire full-time professionals but are concerned about these respective commitments.

Let our professionals take over the management of these functions that are essential for any corporations so you can concentrate on other bigger things such as getting more business and operations. We help PROTECT your corporation for long-term sustainability.

Smart organization outsource, be SMART

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Get the job done at lower cost but better quality
  • Fully focus on area of expertise
  • Access to skilled resources
  • Experienced professional provide better and faster solutions

We offer internal, ad hoc and regular auditing for Quality, Environmental, Safety and Food Safety management systems as a self check to evaluate the effectiveness of compliance

We offer WSH inspections, food hygiene inspections according to your organization needs and provide recommendations to eliminate or minimise risks at the workplace.