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About Business Excellence

The Business Excellence (BE) initiative helps organisations improve their management systems and processes to deliver better performance. It is based on a robust BE Framework, which is a globally benchmarked developmental tool. It is aligned to international excellence frameworks adopted for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Award, Japan Quality Award and the Australian Organisational Excellence Awards.

The BE Framework

The BE framework provides a comprehensive set of management standards for business excellence. It illustrates the cause and effect relationships between the drivers of performance and the results achieved. In the framework, there are seven categories used to assess an organisation. Leadership sets the strategic direction for the organisation and drives the mindset of excellence. Customers are positioned after leadership to demonstrate the focus on customer centricity. Strategy is developed based on understanding internal and external stakeholder requirements, which guides the development of People and Process capabilities to achieve desired Results. Knowledge is part of the feedback loop of Learning and Innovation, which supports decision-making and drives improvements.

BE frame work

Benefits of BE

Understand Your Business’ Health and Improve Performance

Through a systematic approach with the BE framework assessment tools, it can identify strengths and discover ways to improve your management systems and processes.

Be Recognised

Attaining the mark of excellence will boost your reputation with your suppliers, consumers and the general public.

Increasing Market Penetration

Gaining new businesses locally and overseas is easier with the globally recognised BE certification.

Learn Best Practices

Improve your business performance through seminars, conferences, learning journeys and more.

Our services to help you achieve BE

BE is recognised for excellent business operations and you can achieve BE Certification in 4 simple steps.

A proposal will be written by our consultants follow up with collecting relevant information to kickstart your journey to BE. Here, you could understand more about BE procedures and our assistance on how you could achieve the globally recognised mark of excellence.

You can learn best practices and improve your business performance.
What are you waiting for? Be ahead of your competitors now.

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