Tips for Organising Exciting Safety Meetings

21-May-2019 13:13 PM

We can all agree that safety at the workplace is important and is an integral part of the business excellence framework, not all staff respond enthusiastically to and during safety meetings.

In fact, some team members consider safety meetings to be boring and irrelevant. Part of this has to do with the way you present the safety meeting. If you are in charge of safety at your organisation, ask yourself, how productive are your safety meetings? Are they regarded highly or considered to be another mundane exercise that staff participates just to tick the box?

Here are tips to help you organise exciting and effective safety meetings.

Focus on One Idea

The purpose of safety meetings is to make team members aware of hazards at the workplace and help them avoid or eliminate these risks. But you don’t have to drop the entire encyclopedia of safety on them. That is to say; you don’t have to pack the meeting with stats, charts, and results from inspection reports as well as rules and reminders. In fact, you only need to say very little to make an impression. Instead of filling the meeting with content, focus on one idea, that can impact the team and make a difference. 

Ask for Opinions

Sometimes it may be hard to pick an idea or topic that’ll get the staff stirred up and contributing. If that’s your dilemma, consider asking your colleagues for opinions rather than present on a topic of your choice.

This way, you get to engage staff in discussing relevant safety issues, encourages their participation and ultimately has a significant impact. Plus, they’ll look forward to participating in future meetings.

Avoid too Much Conflicting Information

Workplace safety is an elaborate field which touches on various arms of the business, the market, and the regulators. 

Discussions on a topic like “construction safety” during the safety meeting can easily digress into irrelevant legalistic deliberations and inaccurate deductions. At the end of the day, such a meeting would have minimal impact, and for many, it would be boring.

However, you can avoid digressing into other non-essential areas by planning your content well in advance. Just drive the main point home and keep the supplementary information to peripheral communication such as newsletters and emails. Keep it short, precise and to the point.

Plan a Contest

One of the most significant motivation people ever have is a contest. It is the reason why athletes strive for better and top companies keep innovating. You can organise a simple contest during a safety meeting that’ll not only have the thrill of competition but also communicate salient messages on safety standards.

Be Creative with Speakers

Don’t confine your meetings to regular in-house speakers, think outside the box and consider other professionals are outsiders but vital when it comes to workplace safety.

Think about professionals such as police chiefs, doctors, and occupational health and safety experts. If your budget allows, consider an annual keynote speaker who would generate enthusiasm in your team to last more than a year.

Lastly, Educate Your Audience

The above manoeuvres to make a safety meeting exciting would mean nothing if the meeting wasn’t informative and didn’t impact the participants with regard to workplace safety.

Therefore, use safety meetings to educate staff, and encourage active participation.