A Guide to Selecting the Best Lorry Crane for your Business

12-Jul-2017 10:35 AM

A lorry crane is a typical example of a mobile crane, which is a cable-controlled crane. They are specially designed to be easily transported to a site and used with various types of load and cargo without the need to assemble or to go through any complicated setups.


Generally, lorry cranes operate by having a hook on one end which is suspended by sheaves and wire ropes. The wire ropes are operated by any prime movers that the designers have available within their reach and can be operated through different transmissions. Electric motors, internal combustion engines, as well as steam engines have all been used in the operation of a lorry crane while older ones are mostly transmitted by clutches.

The crane has an advantage in its operation, which is achieved through the electronic control of hydrostatic drives, which has become a standard. Lorry cranes can be further converted to other useful machines such as a demolition crane through the addition of a demolition ball or to an earthmover through the setting up of a clamshell bucket to the crane. The effectiveness of these functions may, however, be limited due to its design.

The truck crane is one indispensable machine in the construction of infrastructure as the demand for higher quality infrastructures increases. Choosing the most suitable crane truck is just as important as any other considerations in the entire construction. In this article, we are going to show you the best way to select a truck crane for your personal or business use.

Select base on your demand

Sometimes, the best fails to be the most suitable choice when using a truck crane. You should go for a lorry crane that can satisfy your demand adequately. Some factors to consider include the working frequency, construction environment, rated lifting capacity and many others. In addition, you will not want to choose a lorry crane without adequate market investigation.

Go for famous brands

It is important to not go for a lorry crane that does not have the necessary certificates such as the safety permit and other necessary licenses. In general, famous and popular brands are usually better equipped at producing cranes with excellent performance, reliable components as well as advanced technology. This will help you feel more secure about your choice compared to going with unfamiliar brands.

After sale services

One of the worst things that can happen is to have your lorry crane break down suddenly while you and your team are working at the construction site. This will not only disrupt your schedule for your project but also lead to a substantial increase in the construction cost. Hence, it will be the best idea to go with a manufacturer that offers quality after-sales service. In considering this, the support service staff should be professionally trained and the system should offer maintenance support, market analysis, financing service, as well as an all-round operating guidance, which will serve as a safeguard to guarantee you will be offered assistance any time you need it.

Give your financing situation some consideration

Before you go for a particular lorry crane, you should put your mind on your budget as you strive to get the best. Always consider further expenses like repair and maintenance fees which will be incurred after the purchase of the machine. The objective is not to choose the best machine, but to choose the machine best suited for you!