Main Features Of A Lorry Crane

31-Jul-2017 18:10 PM

A Lorry crane is also known as a crane truck. It is a truck that consists of crane equipment which are attached to a transportable platform. It is essential for a lorry crane operator to be properly trained for the use of a  crane truck and have proper knowledge of safety measures. This way they can avoid major accidents and serious injuries from occurring.

These cranes are essential equipment in several industries especially warehouses and construction sites. In construction, these vehicles are used to transport heavy materials to high rise buildings or vice versa. In warehouses, small sized cranes are used to transport heavy materials from one place to another. Similarly, these are used in almost all industries to transport heavy materials and goods.

Lorry crane is a truck that has a movable crane attached to it. Below are the basic parts of the crane and their descriptions:

The Boom is the most important part of a lorry crane. It is very easily recognised as it is the arm of crane the that lifts or lowers heavy goods and materials. It is made up of heavy duty steel which enables it to lift heavy materials and goods to the height of 100 feet and more.

The Jib has a lattice structure and is attached to the boom. Its purpose is to help increase the length of the boom, hence allowing the crane to reach further and greater heights.

Rotex Gear
Rotex gear is situated under the crane cabin or the cab. It enables the cab or the cabin to turn and rotate with the help of a hydraulic motor. 

Operator’s Cab
Operator’s cabin is situated on the body of the crane truck. It is a small building made of heavy duty metal. This is where the operator sits and operates the crane truck. The cabin consists of all the electrical and mechanical equipment used to operate the crane. The equipment includes the steering wheel, joysticks for moving the boom, foot pedals and gears. 

Detachable Counterweights
Detachable counterweights are located at the back of a crane. The main purpose of counterweights is to ensure that the crane does not become unbalanced during the operation. The amount of counterweight that should be attached at the back depends on the boom radius, operation angle of boom and the weight of the material. 

Outriggers are strange looking devices and its basic purpose is to provide balance and stability during the crane's operation. It helps to prevent the crane from toppling over or overturning. It consists of three parts including the pad, leg or foot and the float. The float is optional and is used to enlarge the size of the pad in order to help scatter the force created by the heavy material like concrete.

These are some the main features of a lorry crane.