How to Maintain a Forklift

19-Jul-2017 09:40 AM

For anyone that is looking to move heavy loads at a construction site, a warehouse, a factory or even a shipyard, a forklift is the ideal equipment for the job. A forklift is just like any other heavy equipment out there as it has parts that need to be carefully looked after and maintained or they will wear out. Forklift parts that are worn out can break in the middle of a job, creating precarious situations.

To prevent parts from falling apart and breaking while the forklift is being utilised, it is important for one to have a strict maintenance program to ensure that their forklift is in tip top condition at all times. Below are a few steps one can follow to ensure that the parts on their forklift last longer and that the equipment functions correctly.

Guide to maintaining a forklift

Make sure parts on the forklift are well lubricated

The best way to keep parts on a forklift well lubricated is to apply grease on them or any moving joints. That is done to reduce friction around the joints, which is one of the principal causes of breakdowns. It is highly recommended to make sure that all of these parts are adequately greased up at all times for a forklift to perform at its highest potential.

Look at the fluid levels on a regular basis

A forklift has a few fluids that enable the engine and other moving parts to run smoothly and efficiently. These fluids include motor oil, hydraulic and transmission fluid, and coolants. These fluids need to be checked as often as possible depending on how often the forklift is used. Thus, if one uses the forklift every day, it is recommended to check the fluid every day.

Make sure the forklift is well fuelled or charged up

Forklifts can be powered by either gasoline, fuel, liquid propane or a battery. If one owns a forklift that uses batteries, they have to make sure that battery is charged fully at all times. With forklifts that run on fuel, one has to make sure that the fuel tank is full or close to full.

Make sure that the gauges on the forklift are working properly

It is important to make sure the gauges are working because this lets the driver know which part of the equipment is not functioning properly. Paying close attention to the gauges helps highlight problems quickly before they become severe, and allows you to have sufficient time to get them repaired.

Make sure tires are in good condition

Tires are what make the forklift mobile, and hence need to be checked every day for pressure if the tires use air. Failure to do so can lead to accidents at work and damage to goods if the forklift flips over because there isn’t enough air in the tires to balance it.