Operating Convenience - Scissors Lift vs. Boom Lift

26-Jul-2017 13:42 PM

Boom lifts and scissors lifts are similar equipment - both are used to transport heavy materials and goods to higher places. However, the former is more flexible than scissor lifts because they consist of hydraulic arms, making them more flexible and efficient. These lifts are usually used for maintenance and construction purposes, which further include plumbing, electrical maintenance, rendering, painting, etc. Below are a few differences among these lifts:

Working height
The main point of lifts and access equipment is to reach elevated heights to complete a project. Both kinds of lifts are used for different heights. Boom lifts are considered to provide superior elevation, as while scissor lifts can provide with a working elevation of up to 56 meters, boom lifts can provide elevation of 58 meters. It is essential to ensure that the driver has done a scissors lift course or boom lift course before hiring him to drive lifting vehicles.

Load capacity
Both kinds of lifts offer different lifting capacities. The load capacity of the lift determines the amount of weight that can be loaded without causing any accident or mishap. Scissor lifts can withstand more weight because they consist of hoist sets that are stronger than the boom lifts. That is the reason why boom lifts can withstand the minimal weight. Another reason it cannot lift a heavier weight is that it is has a smaller platform than the other.

Another important factor that differentiates between these lifts is manoeuvrability. It is one of the most important factors that one should consider while selecting lifting equipment. Scissor lifts can only move in a vertical direction as its wheel provides a horizontal displacement. On the other, boom lifts are more flexible as they can move in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Platform space
Another main difference between these lifts is that they have different platforms size.  Boom lifts have relatively smaller platforms and can withstand the weight of a few workers and materials. On the other hand, scissor lifts can manage the weight of more workers comfortably. Some of the boom lifts have platforms that can easily be extended, providing more space for loading more material.

Scissors lifts are considered more suitable for low access workplaces while boom lifts are usually used for a higher elevation. Boom lifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects while scissors lifts are usually used for outdoor projects.