Lorry Cranes and Scissor Lifts - Which is Suitable For You?

07-Aug-2017 17:48 PM

Cranes have eliminated the need for scaffolding. Operators in the construction, haulage and transport industry have made a smooth transition to the newer, more efficient cranes.As there are many different types of cranes available, some people may be confused as to which is the best choice. Choosing the right crane is important regarding productivity and also when considering safety requirements.

Lorry Cranes are high lift cranes, which need to be mounted to a trailer or small vehicle of some sort before it can be used. This type of crane should be utilized when there is a large area to be covered, and when the terrain is rough or uneven.

Scissor lifts are cranes that operate in only vertical movements and can be used to reach very high heights and difficult to reach areas.
To determine the best type of crane for use, operators have to consider the following details:

Type of Use
?The kind of use intended is a great determinant in choosing whether to use a scissor lift or a lorry crane. Scissor lifts can be used to reach higher heights, although for truck cranes; there can be different applications depending on the nature of the crane attached.

Height Outreach
The expected height outreach is another factor in choosing between these two types of cranes. Scissor lifts can reach far higher raised heights because of the vertical movements they are designed to offer. However, lorry cranes will be a perfect choice for lowered height outreach since they are more flexible than scissor lifts

Truck cranes may come with additional extensions like forks and grippers, depending on the manufacturer’s preference. A lorry crane operator can perform multiple operations using extensions like crane forks and so on. With scissor cranes, users will discover that since it can bear the weight of more than one worker, there will be increased productivity because technicians can work side by side.

Power Source
Scissor lifts are available as electric or diesel, hydraulic and pneumatic options. There is something suitable for everyone, especially if users are conscious about eco-friendly alternatives. With lorry cranes, either an electric motor or a diesel engine drives the engine.

Load Bearing
The load bearing capacity of lorry cranes lies somewhere between one and one hundred and fifty metric tonnes. Users can make a decision based on the weight of the cargo that the crane might be used to carry during operations. On average, scissor lifts can bear about one to ten metric tonnes.

Depending on why you plan on using the crane, the crane you should choose will differ as each type of crane have their own intended purpose. Crane operators can only fully take advantage of the crane’s effectiveness if they choose the right crane. Lorry Cranes are more prevalent in the haulage and transport sectors and emergency services because they are easy to move and can be adapted to fit many situations. One can also use scissor lifts for fire fighting, building construction and especially the installation of electrical and plumbing lines since scissor lifts can reach great heights, even indoors.