06-May-2019 14:40 PM

Effective Ways Of Promoting Employee Productivity

Every business owner yearns to hire the best workers in their company. You may have attained qualified and hardworking staff, but not see that directly translated to sales and returns just yet. There may be an array of factors that are contributing to that. You could encourage productivity in your office by: Communicating well It is important for your staff to k

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30-Apr-2019 16:10 PM

Understanding What Human Error Is And Mitigating It

A workplace accident may seem random and unpredictable. However, it is seldom a ‘blue moon’ event.  Often there is an element of human error which if it was properly addressed, may have mitigated or prevented the accident. People are sometimes negligent; they can get tired; they can be distracted or stressed and make bad decisions or fail to perform a crucial ta

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23-Apr-2019 14:44 PM

5 Tips To Ensure Crane Safety At Construction Sites

It is essential to have a mobile crane on the construction site as it can make a lot of things easier if it is used properly. Apart from carrying heavy materials from one place to the other it also helps in cutting down the investment in hiring labour. Below are a few tips, which can make the usage of lorry crane safer and productive: 1. Qualified and Trained Operator

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15-Apr-2019 16:52 PM

How Does A Lorry-mounted Crane Function?

Cranes are designed to handle heavy loads. Lorry-mounted cranes offer one more feature: mobility. As well as having the ability to turn in all directions, they can be driven like regular trucks on highways. These qualities make them highly versatile at construction sites. But do you know what they consist of and how they work?  Crane Components A lorry-moun

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09-Apr-2019 17:41 PM

Why You Should Include Safety At Employee Induction Training

Hiring the best candidates is not a walk in the park for many employers. You have to spend considerable resources in sourcing the best talent as well as in engaging prospects in a rigorous recruitment process. Once the new team members are on board, you cannot wait for them to start working. But before they do that, there is vital information about the job which you need to shar

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05-Apr-2019 18:19 PM

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Safety Training

According to Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, there were 12,810 work-place injuries in 2018. Out of these, 41 cases were fatal.  Unfortunately, employees from varying types of companies are injured through accidents or fall ill due to poor work conditions. These accidents and illnesses could have been prevented through introductory and advanced training in occupational healt

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