15-Aug-2017 14:35 PM

How Can I Become a Scissors Lift Operator?

Are you considering a career in the lucrative cargo handling industry? Training to operate a scissors lift would be pretty good idea. There is a high demand for qualified scissors lift operators in Singapore and it is likely that you will have very good employment opportunities. The pay is not bad either, which makes it an attractive occupation for many who prefer hands-on work. But first, let&

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07-Aug-2017 17:48 PM

Lorry Cranes and Scissor Lifts - Which is Suitable For You?

Cranes have eliminated the need for scaffolding. Operators in the construction, haulage and transport industry have made a smooth transition to the newer, more efficient cranes.As there are many different types of cranes available, some people may be confused as to which is the best choice. Choosing the right crane is important regarding productivity and also when considering safety requirement

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02-Aug-2017 16:51 PM

An Introduction to Scissors Lift

Most scissor lifts are able to bear load ranging from two hundred and twenty kilograms to six hundred and eighty kilograms.  The scissor lift is a dependable option in the construction industry because of its efficiency in hoisting and hauling heavy weight tools, materials, and workers from one point to the other. Operators of these lifts are required to have undergone at least one scissor

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31-Jul-2017 18:10 PM

Main Features Of A Lorry Crane

A Lorry crane is also known as a crane truck. It is a truck that consists of crane equipment which are attached to a transportable platform. It is essential for a lorry crane operator to be properly trained for the use of a  crane truck and have proper knowledge of safety measures. This way they can avoid major accidents and serious injuries from occurring. These cranes are essenti

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26-Jul-2017 13:42 PM

Operating Convenience - Scissors Lift vs. Boom Lift

Boom lifts and scissors lifts are similar equipment - both are used to transport heavy materials and goods to higher places. However, the former is more flexible than scissor lifts because they consist of hydraulic arms, making them more flexible and efficient. These lifts are usually used for maintenance and construction purposes, which further include plumbing, electrical maintenance, re

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19-Jul-2017 09:40 AM

How to Maintain a Forklift

For anyone that is looking to move heavy loads at a construction site, a warehouse, a factory or even a shipyard, a forklift is the ideal equipment for the job. A forklift is just like any other heavy equipment out there as it has parts that need to be carefully looked after and maintained or they will wear out. Forklift parts that are worn out can break in the middle of a job, creating pr

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