23-Feb-2017 12:48 PM

5 common workplace hazards

  Hazards at the workplace mean problems not only for the injured employees but for the entire organisation. Even so, accidents take place in every workplace due to mismanagement, lack of proper training, carelessness and other factors. An employer should conduct a proper assessment of the workplace to set right any safety risks or blind spots lurking in. Knowing about the common h

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28-Aug-2017 11:30 AM

Better Crane Safety - A Matter of Life and Death

The National Crane Safety Taskforce in Singapore has called for improvements in the safety measures for operations involving cranes in construction. This came a little over a week after the authorities called on the construction and marine industries to work on improving safety practices. This is the result of increasing number of incidents and deaths from incidents at construction and marine s

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21-Aug-2018 14:53 PM

Four Benefits of Forklift Training Courses

Training your workers in any skill is beneficial and fork lifting is no different. Forklift training courses, lorry crane courses and other such courses are designed to teach workers how to safely work with these machines. Such training can provide protection from potential liabilities and increase efficiency in operations. Here are four major benefits of providing forklift training to you

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