24-May-2017 18:10 PM

Things To Ask When Shopping For Aerial Lifts

Whether you are looking for a scissor lift, boom lift or lorry crane, there is important information you need to ask the dealer before you make a purchase. Well, as you search for the best construction equipment dealer who meets your needs, there are items you need to discuss with them. It is important to check the working height and weight capacity of each lift, but even more vital to

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17-May-2017 18:57 PM

How to check if a forklift is safe to use?

Safety is one of the fundamental elements in any job which involves heavy equipment and a forklift is no different. Forklifts are very different from each other and one has to make sure that they check them properly and make sure they are functional as well as fit for purpose. Below are a few suggestions one can take to ensure they check a forklift to see if it is fit for purpose and will not c

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24-Apr-2017 12:52 PM

Ways to Prevent 5 Common Workplace Injuries

If we go deep into stats, about 70 percent fatal workplace injuries use to happen just because of ignorance of workplace safety rules. It is possible to avoid most of injuries if workers start following accurate safety measures. However, it is sole responsibility of employers to regulate proper safety guidelines in the workplace so risks of accidents can be lowered down. The article below provi

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17-Apr-2017 16:05 PM

5 Most Common Workplace Hazards

Hazards at workspace lead to huge problems, not just for injured workers rather for the whole organization. However, most of the accidents at workplace occur just because of mismanagement, carelessness or lack of training. Employers need to take responsibility for conducting an appropriate assessment at the workplace so that right safety standards can be followed on a routine basis. In order to

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21-Mar-2017 12:53 PM

Safety Tips for Operating Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are commonly used in the construction, warehousing, retail, and manufacturing industries in Singapore. Lack of training and failure to address positioning, fall protection, and stabilization have resulted in 30 serious scissor lift-related accidents in Singapore in 2016. Fatalities from 10 of these accidents were actually preventable. Scissor lift training is indispensable

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28-Feb-2017 18:21 PM

Common Misconceptions about Workplace Injuries

Organizations that haven't yet faced major accidents or serious injuries to their workers tend to get complacent about workplace safety. Employers often suppose that a boom lift course is enough to train operators for all lifting operations. However, these are only misconceptions prevalent in workplaces throughout the country. Rising fatality rates can be attributed to this casual attitude

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