02-Jan-2018 19:55 PM

Most Common Health and Safety Risks in the Construction Industry

There is a good reason behind the "keep out" signs you find displayed at every construction site in Singapore. These signs are displayed not only for curious kids or trespassers, they are also warning signs for staff deployed on the construction site. It won't be wrong to say that construction sites are one of the most dangerous and accident-prone working environments in the world

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29-Dec-2017 14:23 PM

The Dangers Untrained Workers Face in Metalworking

Metalworking encompasses a group of occupations that deal with cutting, bending, shaping, fabricating, and assembling metal and metal parts. Ironworkers, structural metal craftsmen, welders, blacksmiths, forgemen, sheet metal workers, metal lathers, tinsmiths, smelters, and other similar occupations are categorised as metal workers. The job of metalworkers is full of potential dangers as they c

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27-Dec-2017 15:06 PM

Can I Get Government Funding for bizSafe Level 2 Course?

The Singapore Government subsidises many training programmes through various government agencies. All Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents can apply for funding. bizSafe is one such programme. Before going into the specifics of funding, let’s focus on the bizSafe Level 2 Singapore course. You probably know about it, but it doesn’t hurt to learn more in case you have missed any

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22-Dec-2017 21:49 PM

Tips To Maintain and Keep a Forklift in Check

Forklifts are used to transfer heavy loads from one place to another. Like any other equipment, maintenance of forklifts is extremely important. A forklift is a heavy industrial machine, mainly used to shift heavy and bulky items from one place of a construction site to another. This machine is often overlooked because of its duties and overall appearance. However, like any other machin

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18-Dec-2017 15:05 PM

Tips To Ensure Worker Safety During Construction Projects

A constructor should make sure that the labour and employees have the required safety equipment instructed by the authorities. They need to take extra care for security and safety of the workers but workers themselves should be extra careful when working in hazardous conditions as well. Below are a few tips that construction workers should keep in mind when in such an environment:

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13-Dec-2017 16:17 PM

Forklift Training: How to Operate a Forklift and Remain Safe

Of all the things that are important to you, where would you rank safety? We all have a lot of responsibility towards the people who depend on us. In order to be safe and return home at the end of the day, important safety rules must be followed. Did you know that operating a forklift is a specialized job that requires training and authorization by your employer to become a qualified operator?

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