22-Jan-2018 20:25 PM

Simple Safety Tips and Precautions for Metalworkers

Although every profession comes with its own unique set of safety hazards, few surround workers with razor-sharp cutters, heavy-duty machines, toxic gases and fumes, and other innumerable dangers found in most metal manufacturing facilities and metal shops. No metalworker, therefore, should pursue any metalworking activity without observing due diligence and following all metalworking safety

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15-Jan-2018 15:19 PM

Importance of Maintaining Your Forklift

Although built to last for a long time, forklifts will show signs of wear and tear if not properly maintained and carefully used. Just like any other piece of heavy equipment, regular maintenance of forklifts will ensure that you are able to use them effectively for years to come. By ensuring that your forklifts are maintained on regular basis, you can be sure that your business runs smoothly a

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10-Jan-2018 22:41 PM

Types of PPE & Their Importance in the Construction Industry

Every year, the construction industry in Singapore reports hundred and thousands of fatal fatalities and injuries and numbers are increasing at an alarming rate. While there may be several reasons behind accidents leading to injuries or fatalities, research suggests that the absence of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or failure to wear the provided PPE is one of the prime reasons beh

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08-Jan-2018 19:57 PM

Are Construction Workers Required to Complete bizSafe Level 2?

bizSafe is a programme designed by Singapore’s Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) to help private companies build and enhance their safety and health capabilities in the workplace. The programme is administered by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The programme has 5 levels, each focusing on a specific topic. bizSafe Level 2 Singapore focuses on developing a practical risk managemen

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04-Jan-2018 12:38 PM

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Enroll in a Forklift Course

Forklifts are powerful tools that companies use to make work easy. Just pause and think how life would be without these powerful machines. Though they provide lots of help to us, lifting tasks done incorrectly can also be a source of pain and loss. The forklift machine needs the utmost care and high levels of professionalism when handling it. Failure to handle it as required can lead to fatalit

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02-Jan-2018 19:55 PM

Most Common Health and Safety Risks in the Construction Industry

There is a good reason behind the "keep out" signs you find displayed at every construction site in Singapore. These signs are displayed not only for curious kids or trespassers, they are also warning signs for staff deployed on the construction site. It won't be wrong to say that construction sites are one of the most dangerous and accident-prone working environments in the world

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