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4 Important Steps To Take Following An Accident On-Site

4 Important Steps To Take Following An Accident On-Site

Sep 21 2020 at 17:53

Construction workers make up a considerable number of the working population in Singapore. They are also involved in many physical tasks throughout the day. Due to immense manual involvement, construction workers are most likely to be exposed to extreme hazards. However, by having a routine set of tasks that they need to complete daily, they can become vulnerable to these hazards, which may cause them to get hurt or suffer fatal injuries.

Construction site accidents should not be taken lightly. It is best that everyone, including every worker, knows what to do in the case of an accident or an emergency.

Here are 4 crucial steps to take following an accident at a construction site.

1. Check on personal safety first

Instinctively, the first thought of any worker is to check on their colleague after getting hurt. However, before checking on them, they should ensure that they are safe and unharmed before helping others.

If any workers are hurt, they might put others at risk or worsen the situation while trying to help others. When they move to try and save another worker, their movement could result in further collapse and cause additional unnecessary damage.

Thus, they should ensure that their safety is secured before helping others during an accident.

2. Call the proper authorities

The injuries sustained will help you to determine the proper authorities to call. In a case where the injuries are minor, the supervisor or the safety manager would be the right person to call.

They will ensure that they can prevent such accidents from happening by replacing the hazardous equipment with safer equipment, or repair the equipment that is broken.

If the injuries are severe, you should call for an ambulance or an emergency hotline so that the injured worker is able to receive immediate medical attention as the accident might be life-threatening.

3. Administering first aid

If the case is severe, first aid can be applied to the victim as you await for further medical attention. However, if there is nobody available with expertise on first aid, then it is best to leave it to someone who is more experienced.

Trying to administer first aid to the victim without expertise might put you or them at a higher risk of getting hurt.

4. Secure and manage the work site

This workplace safety practice involves moving the other workers away from the scene of the accident, eliminating any danger, and ensuring that nothing in the area is tampered or touched. By keeping the workers safe and away from the accident area, you can ensure that no other person will get hurt. The emergency personnel should retrieve and dispose of any hazardous equipment that might cause another accident.

For investigation purposes, the scene should remain as it is and stay guarded so that no one tampers with it. This can help you gather results from the accident, and ensure that the right safety precautions are in place to prevent them from happening in the future.


Everyone at a construction site should always take the right precautionary measures to prevent further accidents from happening in the workplace. This may mean signing up for a signalman course or having your employees attend such courses to have a better grasp over how they should use their equipment safely. Likewise, observe the safety measures and look to remove any hazards that might cause serious accidents at a construction site.

Should you or a fellow worker ever be injured, follow the steps above to ensure proper safety and recovery.