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The Importance Of Attire & Safety In A Construction Site

The Importance Of Attire & Safety In A Construction Site

Mar 02 2020 at 18:09

Personnel protection equipment, also known professionally as PPE, is the gear that every worker must don before going to a construction site. The minimum gear that one has to put on is a pair of glasses and a helmet, though it is still considered and deemed as insufficient. Tons of other clothing should be worn by workers who require extra layers of protection. This is to guard against any eventualities. Aside from protecting workers from the dangers at a construction site, protective gears also help to reduce the challenges that occur in a workplace setting.

Some of the risks faced by construction workers include naked flames, burns, trips, falls, radiant heat, acid, and electrical faults. This is especially true for workers operating in high areas. However, workers on ground level are equally vulnerable to traffic dangers and falling objects.

For more information on workplace safety and how you can ensure that your environment is safe for workers and neighbors, you need to plan a meeting with professional ISO 45001 consultants in Singapore. Otherwise, the following protective gears will help to bolster construction safety:

1. Protective gloves

Our hands work the most on a construction site. You will probably be using your hands a lot since construction work involves many hands-on skills.

For this reason alone, you need to guard them against any accidents or eventuality. Wearing safety gloves is the best precaution to take against any injuries or damage to your hands. When you encounter live wires or chemicals unknowingly, these gloves will protect you from potential danger.

2. Fall protection equipment

Putting on fall protection equipment is imperative, especially for workers operating above six feet. For such high areas, accidents, if any, are fatal. Therefore, it is crucial to be prepared, and employers should ensure that all employees have the right fall equipment that protects them against any fall-related accidents.

3. Hearing protection

Hearing gears include ear muffs and plugs. Construction sites tend to have excessive noise, and this can affect one's eardrums or entire hearing system. To avoid footing enormous bills for your employees and to ensure their well-being, make certain that they put on the right hearing guards and do not suffer from impaired hearing.

4. Respiratory gears

The human breathing system is very sensitive. Therefore, you need to guard it using the best equipment, which includes facemasks. A typical construction site has too many dust particles and polluted air. When these intoxicants get into the breathing system, they jeopardize the health of an individual. Therefore, putting on respiratory gears are imperative at a construction site.

5. Safety goggles

The eyes are vital body parts, which need extra care due to their sensitivity. Wearing safety goggles ensures that workers’ eyes are safe and well-protected from any chemical splashes or spills that may contaminate them.

6. Special protective gears

Finally, special protective gears apply to specific jobs such as welding or working with electric equipment. They are mainly designed to offer extra protection for such activities. Special protective gears include the face and hand gears.