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How Employers & Employees Can Promote Onsite Safety

How Employers & Employees Can Promote Onsite Safety

Mar 02 2021 at 14:21

Workplace safety is a vital part of any organisation. Various things in the workplace can cause issues in safety, such as slips, material and manual handling, repetitive motion injuries, and so on. When people in the workplace encounter these hazards, it may result in accidents or injury. 

An injured employee increases the workload for other employees. This necessitates the formation of regulations and measures to ensure workplace safety. For these measures to be accomplished, all parties within the organisation have to commit themselves in working towards it. They all have to comprehend and collectively agree that a safer workplace is a more efficient and productive place

Read on below to gain a better understanding of the next course of action both employers and employees can take in creating safer workplace.


The employer can outline and implement in-house workplace regulations geared towards a safer workplace - these regulations should be in line with the set laws on workplace safety. Additionally, they will also need to effect and implement these regulations. 

The employer may also consult an expert in terms of occupational health and ask them to visit the workplace. This visit allows them to draw up viable recommendations on how to make it safer and healthier to work at your organisation. Once in a while, an employer conduct medical screenings to ascertain that all employees are in good health. It is up to the employer to ensure that the employees meet the set measures and regulations meant to guarantee workplace safety. 

Employers may also organise events that educate employees on workplace health and safety. This is possible by joining health and safety societies in a bid to give it vital support within their organisation. Meanwhile, employers should also distribute the necessary equipment and relevant information for proper workplace health and safety to the employees. One other measure that the employer can take is to send his employees for courses like the 5S techniques to equip them with safe habits that keep accidents at bay. This is especially crucial if you have employees that work from height or work with heavy loads.


Employees also have their roles to play in this endeavour. You can take the first step by bringing employees together, speak up about safety and training to the employer. On the other hand, an employee is also expected to use of the appropriate available equipment in the appropriate manner within the workplace. 

Machines and equipment should be used for what they are intended. Meanwhile, use the provided safety equipment in the right manner. These measures will help an employee avoid the risks in the workplace. 

How to be ready in times of accidents

To better prepare for such eventualities, employees are advised to take part in all the safety and health exercises hosted in the workplace. This training helps give insight into what you can do in case of an accident or other emergency. If you are well versed or trained for these scenarios, you are morally obligated to transfer this valuable knowledge to your fellows. 

It is essential to know what to do in times of emergencies because most workplace accidents require quick thinking and decision making for solving. When employers organise for screenings, you should fully participate to ensure your own safety as an employee.  At the same time, if an employee notices a breach in workplace safety, they should immediately notify the relevant authorities to take swift action. Negligence on this part could result in painful and costly accidents or injury.