26-Feb-2018 15:17 PM

Where Can A Forklift Be Used In Singapore?

Whether you own a large business that houses a big supply warehouse or you manage a big construction company in Singapore, you simply cannot ignore the importance of forklifts. It won't be wrong to say that forklifts are possibly one of the most important industrial equipment available on the market today. Without these heavy lifters, many businesses such as ware

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20-Feb-2018 17:23 PM

Handy Tips to Keep Your Warehouse Organised Effortlessly

The warehouse plays a critical role in ensuring that your customers are able to receive their orders in a timely manner. Without a well-organised warehouse, you not only risk delayed delivery to your customers, you expose your workers to various workplace injuries due to confusion when performing daily tasks. However, keeping your warehouse well-organised at all times is easier said than done.

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14-Feb-2018 11:26 AM

Who Should Attend the BCSS Course?

The Building Construction Supervisor Safety Course (BCSS) is a compulsory course for project coordinators, site supervisors and other workers in the construction industry. It is also recommended for individuals who wish to work in the construction industry, such as engineering graduates and people with diplomas in the various fields of construction. What is the course about?

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06-Feb-2018 12:22 PM

Ensure Workplace Safety by Opting for Bizsafe Training

The Workplace Safety and Health Council recognises Bizsafe’s level 2 programs ability to train an individual towards becoming a competent risk management champion. But why does one even need a risk management champion, let alone a trained one? Why Risk Management? Risk management is essential to ensure, not just the safety of your building, but also the hea

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30-Jan-2018 13:12 PM

Develop a Robust Risk Management Plan

Risk management refers to dealing with the risks endangering to the safety and health of employees at the workplace. Thus, a risk management plan is designed to prevent these risks from transforming into hazardous incidents. It is the duty of each employee to take necessary precautions towards this goal. However, for their efforts to bear fruit there must be a coordinator directing everyone tow

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22-Jan-2018 20:25 PM

Simple Safety Tips and Precautions for Metalworkers

Although every profession comes with its own unique set of safety hazards, few surround workers with razor-sharp cutters, heavy-duty machines, toxic gases and fumes, and other innumerable dangers found in most metal manufacturing facilities and metal shops. No metalworker, therefore, should pursue any metalworking activity without observing due diligence and following all metalworking safety

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