14-May-2018 10:49 AM

How to Form a Risk Management Team in Your Company

Risk management aims at reducing the risk of hazardous disasters striking a workplace and endangering a worker's health and safety. As mentioned by the Singaporean government, every employer and employee is responsible for ensuring the safety and health of their workplace. While this makes risk management the duty of every individual, it often becomes difficu

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07-May-2018 11:35 AM

Why is Safety Education So Important in a Construction Site?

Training to ensure safety is important to all industries, but nowhere is it as important as in the construction industry because of the constant risk of accidents happening. Although Singapore has very strict workplace safety and health regulations, injuries and fatalities still occur due to negligence, oversight and a disregard for personal safety.  Construction site injur

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02-May-2018 16:35 PM

Which Type Of Forklift Is Right For Your Business?

Whether you need to move a heavy load around the construction site or want to stack goods or merchandise on shelves in a warehouse or a storage facility, a forklift is perfect for the job. But they are not all the same. A forklift used to perform heavy-duty operations on a construction site may not be a good fit for your in-house warehouse operations. Similarly, you cannot expect the sa

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16-Apr-2018 17:16 PM

Everything You Need To Know About Bizsafe Level 2 Singapore

Ever wondered how to manage the necessary amount of risk in your office? Don’t have time to join a proper course? Bizsafe Level 2 Singapore is one of the five levels of the Bizsafe programme that helps teach the importance and techniques of risk management. This course is extremely student-friendly, has flexible timings and is available at pocket-friendly rates. In essence,

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09-Apr-2018 18:29 PM

How Construction Workers Can Benefit From CSOC Course

In a country like Singapore where land is limited, and the population is ever increasing, it's no wonder you see high-rise buildings dominate the landscape. It is not only the high-rise buildings; the quality of roads, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, dams, offices, houses and other wonders of construction that has given Singapore a unique place in the world. The construction ind

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04-Apr-2018 18:45 PM

What is the Appropriate Attire for a Metalworker?

Working with heavy machinery all the time can be really tiring. Being dressed in thick clothes can make one feel uncomfortable and decrease their efficiency. However, to ensure the safety of the metalworker, he needs to be dressed heavily. In reality, there can be a compromise. The most appropriate attire for a metalworker is one which ensures metalworking safety as well as provides a decent le

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