13-Dec-2017 16:17 PM

Forklift Training: How to Operate a Forklift and Remain Safe

Of all the things that are important to you, where would you rank safety? We all have a lot of responsibility towards the people who depend on us. In order to be safe and return home at the end of the day, important safety rules must be followed. Did you know that operating a forklift is a specialized job that requires training and authorization by your employer to become a qualified operator?

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11-Dec-2017 15:58 PM

30 Tips on How to Remain Safe While Conducting Metal Works

Metal work is an act of making individual pieces, assemblies and larger structures from metal. Working with sheet metal, specifically after it's been cut, can be hazardous. That's why it is important that you must take metal working safety measures. There are some factors you ought to keep in mind at the time of working with metals. Always put on safety gloves on you

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06-Dec-2017 21:30 PM

What is The Responsibility of a Construction Safety Officer?

Every day, someone gets hurt at a construction site; many of these injuries could have been prevented if more attention was paid during the orientation on job site safety. Below are some of the responsibilities of a construction worker and construction safety officer at worksites: Safety attitudes in the workplace Having a good safety attitude means recognizing ha

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04-Dec-2017 19:01 PM

An Introduction to the Classification of Forklifts Trucks

Almost all businesses depend on some type of lift trucks to address the variety of material handling requirements in their relevant industry. Forklifting trucks come in all shapes and sizes. They have special tyres for certain applications, and then they have specific engine and motors powered by fuel sources. It can sometimes be a challenge to figure out what is the best forklift for your part

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29-Nov-2017 12:46 PM

Applying Workplace Health Safety in Metal Work

Welding and cutting metals is an intense scene - sparks fly; flames sear through metals; extreme heat – there are a lot of different ways a mechanical construction engineer or services worker can get hurt at a job site. And it comes as no big surprise that some of the major job-site accidents occur during welding or cutting of metals. The mix of powerful electric current, highly f

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28-Aug-2017 12:05 PM

How can You Get A Boom Lift Operator Certification in Singapore?

Are you thinking of finding employment as a boom lift operator in Singapore’s massive freight servicing industry? The first step is to get trained and certified. The good news is that there are several government accredited training providers (ATPs) in Singapore that offer the training at an affordable cost. But let us first take a quick look at what a boom lift operator’s job entai

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