17-Jul-2018 11:20 AM

The Different Types of Industrial Equipment and Their Uses

Working in a workshop or construction industry requires a lot of lifting and moving machinery. Imagine lifting and moving heavy materials from one location to another with only assistance from other people, it would take a significant amount of time that could be used for more productive efforts. Fortunately, there are various types of equipment that can facilitate t

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10-Jul-2018 14:51 PM

Metalworking Safety Programs - Better Safe than Worry

Metalworking is the intensive process of breaking down big pieces of metal into small meaningful items like engine parts, nuts, bolts, and others. While it may sound quite simple, it is highly dangerous, and 30% of the metalworkers involved with heavy machinery face fatal injuries while working. The safety of workers should be the biggest concern

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03-Jul-2018 16:30 PM

What are the Safety Equipment Necessary in Metalworking?

Metalworking is the beautiful art of breaking down large random chunks of metal into meaningful equipment such as engines, machine parts and others. However, this is not always as simple as it sounds. The machine works at a very rapid rate and has very sharp edges to ensure smooth cutting of the metal. Therefore undertaking extensive safety measures to ensure metalworking safety is

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26-Jun-2018 14:50 PM

Places Where Forklifts are Commonly Used

Material handling has always been a major challenge for many businesses across different industries, thanks to heavy and robust looking machinery called ‘forklifts’ that have revolutionized the way businesses move heavy materials from one place to another. Instead of hiring multiple people to move or store heavy material from one place to another, businesses now rely on

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19-Jun-2018 15:10 PM

6 Things All First Time Crane Operators Should Know

There is an increased demand for lorry crane operators because of an increase in the number of construction projects in various industries. They play an important part in the construction, automotive, design and power industry. However, when deciding on the profession of a crane operator, you need to keep in mind that it can lead to accidents and casualties. Below ar

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07-Jun-2018 15:11 PM

Summary of Regulations Issued to Improve Building Safety in Construction Industry

Singapore is a safe and cosmopolitan city with a thriving economy. In such a densely built-up environment, showing the structural safety of buildings is the prime responsibility of the “Building and Construction Authority (BCA)”. BCA is the national body, regulating the development of buildings and promoting the construction industry in Singapore. With th

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