18-Sep-2018 15:44 PM

What Are the Main Components of A Lorry Crane

Lorry crane is one of the essential machinery that is used on construction sites by different industries. A crane is a machine usually used to aid the construction process. This machine is joined with a mobile platform which is used for lifting and carrying heavy materials and objects. These machines are hydraulically operated and can quickly move heavy objects and materials. Below are the main

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10-Sep-2018 15:38 PM

Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Industry

Artificial intelligence has solved numerous problems in the world as a new technology. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a simulated software application that is built with the aim of performing human-like traits. It is meant to mimic human intelligence to the extent of acting exactly like one and incorporated into machines for specific tasks. These machines are strictly made in the anatomical st

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05-Sep-2018 13:56 PM

How to avoid common accidents on a construction site

With all sorts of heavy machinery, equipment, tools, trucks, construction material and an army of engineers, workers, supervisors, drivers, guards, and other people working on a construction site, it is no surprise that construction accidents are incredibly common in the world. According to rough estimates, the construction industry has the 3rd highest fatality rates in the world. Th

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27-Aug-2018 12:01 PM

Important Hand Signals All Crane Operators Should Know

The job of the signal person is said to be the most important job on a construction site. He is supposed to clear out the entire area and look out for potential obstacles and opportunities. It is important for him to understand the dynamics and basics of hand signalling to direct the lorry crane operator efficiently.

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21-Aug-2018 14:55 PM

What is the Government’s Role in Construction Safety?

Singapore’s Construction industry has been growing steadily for the last few decades. The last few years have seen a construction boom. One of the most significant challenges has been the growing workforce. There have been several plans to increase productivity through construction safety which, according to government key stakeholders, rely on the status and quality of construction train

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14-Aug-2018 18:13 PM

How To Protect Your Workers From Construction Dust

Out of all the health hazards found on a construction site, dust is by far the most unnoticed one. Every year, thousands of construction workers in Singapore and other parts of the world are hospitalised after being exposed to airborne contaminants such as wood, brick, stone, and metal dusts, along with asbestos and crystalline silica. Constant exposure to high concentrations of the

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